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panda hometown
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sichuan is a province in the central-western china with its capital at chengdu.

the territory of the province and its vicinity were the cradle of unique local civilizations, which can be dated to at least fifteenth century bc (i.e. the later years of shang dynasty). beginning from the ninth century bc, shu (today chengdu) and ba (today chongqing city) emerged as cultural and administrative centers where two rival kingdoms were established.

shu's existence was unknown until an archaeological discovery in 1986 at a small village named sanxingdui in guanghan county. believed to be an ancient city of the shu kingdom, the excavations yielded invaluable archaeological information.

although the qin dynasty came to destroy the civilizations of shu and ba, the culture of shu and ba was preserved and inherited by people in sichuan until today. the qin government also accelerated the technological and agricultural advancements of sichuan comparable to that of the huang he (yellow river) valley. the dujiangyan irrigation system, built in 3rd century bc under the inspection of li bing, was the symbol of modernization of that period. composed of a series of dams, it redirected the flow of min jiang, a major tributary of yangtze river, to fields and relieved the damage of seasonal floods. the construction and various other projects greatly increased the harvest of the area which thus became the main source of provision and men for qin's unification of china.
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