company 's main business-电子游戏巴士

 company 's main business-电子游戏巴士
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company 's main business
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公共航空运输(air passenger and cargo transportation)
旅客票务代理(ticket sales agent)
航空货运代理(air freight agent)
工程勘察设计(project survey and design)
工程管理服务(engineering project management)
机场场道工程( rairport  runway engineering ) 
公路交通工程(highway traffic engineering)
市政公用工程(municipal public engineering)
房地产开发经营(real estate open business)
信息系统集成服务 system integration
数据处理与存储服务 data processing and storage;
进出口业 import and export trade
商品批发与零售 wholesale and retail
跨境电商 cross-border e-commerce
职业技能培训(飞行/乘务/签派/机务/地服/客货代理)vocational skills training(flight  / dispatch / maintenance / service /  cargo agent)
企业管理服务(项目投资与资产管理、资本运营)enterprise management service(project investment,asset management, capital operation)
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